Technical Library

Make use of Rawlplug’s Technical Library

Searching for technical documentation?

It is very simple. Name the product of your interest, and all matching technical documents will appear.

Downloading documents?

To download technical documents, follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter the product name into the search field.
  2. In the list of search results, click the product you require and scroll down until you see the Documentation Section
  3. Click on the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to download them to a specific location.

What can be found in the Technical Library?

Rawlplug’s Technical Library enables you to choose from 15 categories of information and documents you will find indispensable to pick suitable highly specialised products from Rawlplug and use them correctly. You can find out more specifics of each of the following categories.



Product Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

A summary containing technical product information, including description of its individual features and the resulting advantages of use, but also installation recommendations and logistic data.

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

It contains such information as the number of the product DoP, product type identification code, manufacturer identification, description of applications in line with the product technical specifications, description of performance characteristics, reference number or the hEN or EOT issue date.

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

It defines the performance characteristics declared by the manufacturer and groups them under specific levels or classes. The document is issued upon the manufacturer’s request by a certified technical assessment body.

Technical Approval/National Technical Assessment

Technical specification defining technical characteristics of the given product and confirming that it is suitable for specific applications.

Factory Production Control Certificate and Certificate of Conformity

Certificates dedicated to construction products issued by accredited certification bodies.

National Declaration of Conformity and National Declaration of Performance

Manufacturer’s declaration issued on their sole responsibility, stating that the construction product is compliant with the relevant technical specification.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

A document that informs the user of the hazards related to the given substance and provides guidelines pertaining to safe storage and handling in cases of contamination.

Fire resistance reports

Reports that confirm the load capacity and fire resistance classification of products with reference to specific applications. They define both the system of construction materials and the manner in which they should be used in accordance with the required fire safety level of the chosen building.

Seismic resistance reports

They provide confirmation for the product use in seismic zones in line with specific Eurocode guidelines that define the applicable standards.

Wind-load test reports

They describe the roof system’s resistance to the dynamic forces acting on roof sheathing, being the actual reflection of resistance of the entire roof system to wind suction forces. These data enable accurate and optimised calculation of the roof system load, making it possible to choose suitable fixing solutions.

Point thermal transmittance reports

They provide accurate determination of parameter values which characterise the thermal insulation of building partitions, including the heat transfer coefficient. This parameter is crucial for the design and construction of passive, energy-efficient structures.

Corrosion resistance reports

They confirm the resistance of steel fasteners to factors causing corrosion in a specific environment. This information enables optimum choice of products in accordance with their operating conditions.

Electrical conductivity reports


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

A report concerning volatile organic compounds.

Hygienic certificate

A document which confirms that the product meets specific hygienic requirements when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
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