BIM Rawlplug

BIM Rawlplug is an on-line application containing a comprehensive portfolio of models, plan views and technical drawings of Rawlplug fixings along with their full technical documentation. It enables you to use all of them in some of the most popular BIM/CAD environment software packages.

Similarly to Easy FixBIM Rawlplug is our proprietary tool designed not only with referenced to the NBS (National BIM Library) guidelines, but also in close collaboration with our regular clients and in response to their basic needs. It is the reason why BIM Rawlplug meets even the most highly specialised expectations of designers and engineers to whom the application is dedicated.

How to use BIM Rawlplug? There are two options. You can either download individual files from the BIM Rawlplug library in the on-line mode, or you can first download the Revit plug-in, and by that means integrate the BIM Rawlplug product library with that of the Autodesk Revit environment, being widely used architectural, building and engineering design software of worldwide popularity. Each of these options are free of charge.

BIM Rawlplug online Revit Plug-in

BIM Rawlplug is easy to use and intuitive, and the selection of its useful built-in features increases your work convenience and efficiency:

  • import models, technical drawings and plan views of Rawlplug fixings
  • use functional and technical information about the products it contains
  • use technical (2D) drawings for direct application in the chosen design software and three-dimensional (3D) product views and models
  • select the right fixing type based on the most crucial investment or design parameters, such as substrate type, fixing diameter, coating type, material, but also reference documents, including approvals and/or technical assessments
  • view each product in 6 projections: isometric view as well as front, back, top, bottom and side view
  • use the dynamic 360 view option with automatic or manual object rotation
  • search for products more easily thanks to diversified categorisation of technical information making it easier to buy them and allowing more comprehensive building service supervision


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