Rawlplug’s POS system for product display is truly innovative and clearly stands out across the industry. Labelling proves to be an integral element of the communication system. We have attached much attention to make our top class labels clear in form and intuitive to the customer, and we have succeeded in our endeavours thanks to an internal printing house. There is more to that, since at any time we are capable of flexibly responding to customers’ requests by adapting the appearance or shape of labels to their current needs.


So why are Rawlplug’s labels worth your while?

  • the flexible mechanism of label production in any language allows for coherent presentation of products in all markets, irrespective of their geographic location
  • innovative design and product/substrate visualisation methods increase packaging attractiveness
  • substrate presentation on labels allows the customer to make intuitive product choices
  • information collected and presented in a legible and systematic manner help customers correctly understand the product range and intended applications
  • high-quality printing in any chosen tint of the given colour
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