Point of Sale System

Presentation of Rawlplug’s products is based on an integrated display system operating on 3 levels:


Point of Sale product display system

Rawlplug’s POS system is a solution that enables you to create virtually any chosen combination of components.

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Rawlplug’s POS system for product display is truly innovative and clearly stands out across the industry. Labelling proves to be an integral element of the communication system.

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The packaging used by Rawlplug has been designed to be environmentally friendly as well as easy to use and functional to customers.

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What we offer in this scope is innovative across the market and provides us with unquestionable competitive edge. Not only does the POS product display system ensure formal attractiveness, but primarily stands for unparalleled functionality and intuitiveness whenever Rawlplug products are to be chosen from among hundreds of other items available on store shelves. And even more importantly, it supports the consumer in making the right choice.

When designing the POS system, we were guided by principles that reflect the real needs and behaviour of customers at the point of purchase. By that means we have managed to create features that are characteristic only for the Rawlplug product display system:

Colour coding

Products intended for specific substrates
are marked with specific colours, enabling instantaneous choice of suitable
products with this criterion in mind

Key words

In order to describe our products we have used key words
that users recognise intuitively, which significantly speeds up the choice
of what one truly needs

Installation guidelines

Simplicity of use is crucial to
contractors, and we additionally allow them to quickly read and understand
instructions thanks to icons and step-by-step type presentation

Customised display system

We also provide you with an
opportunity to develop a customised display set based on individual,
specific customer requirements, which is possible thanks to the modularity
of our solutions as well as their adaptability to any size and layout of a
specific shop

Unique packaging

For every product, we have developed
attractive, ergonomic and comfortable to use unique packaging

Environmental sustainability

Our products are
manufactured using sustainable technological standards which matter greatly
to environmental protection

QR codes

Every product packaging features a QR code the
scanning of which provides you with access to videos and animations with
installation instructions

Standard display system

We can provide you with complete
display systems ready for installation at points of sale, with all the
features required to enable making appropriate and quick choice of products
in demand

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