Marketing Support

Collaborating with our customers isn’t just about design and technical help, we provide access to technical data and delivery.

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Engineers support

You want a perfectly made product. Designers and engineers will have our help throughout the whole duration of their project.

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Technical Library

To provide everything a client needs, Rawlplug have collected an comprehensive database of technical data, all downloadable from our site.

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Point of Sale System

Helping your customers to choose the right fixing? Ralplugs POS makes it easy. With its simple to use interface, the client will find the right product for them, every time.

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In addition to delivering a extensive choice of products, Rawlplug also have a massive portfolio of services. These are not only for designers and engineers, but also sales people and contractors.

We never leave our customers without assistance, so we encourage them to make use of the Technical Helpdesk and engineers’ support services. We have designed our services to suit the customers needs using both our experience and theirs at every stage of project implementation. The extensive technical services are provided in conjunction with Rawlplug Academy, the on-line training platform developed by Rawlplug to help teach our clients subject specific information.

All of this is provided free of charge, so using Rawlplug’s portfolio of services couldn’t be easier, more intuitive and dependable. So contact us and find out how Rawlplug could help you.



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