EasyFix is our original application dedicated to engineers and designers. This simple, yet multifunctional tool enables you to run calculations and develop designs using Rawlplug fixings.

EasyFix is a guarantee of reliability and safety, since both the program itself and the calculations it delivers conform to the standards defined in European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG).

The design solutions from Rawlplug are truly worth your while, as they allow you to perform the required calculations and make crucial design-related decisions early in the process. Moreover, one of the application’s features supports you in solving problems which may emerge in subsequent stages of design works.

What matters is that Rawlplug has been continuously increasing both the application quality and the range of its available features. You can already make use of the EasyFix PRO software version which includes:

  • calculation features for bonded and mechanical anchors installed in concrete substrate
  • wide selection of shapes and fixing arrangements
  • option of matching fixing solutions with different substrate types
  • possibility to set characteristic or design loads
  • option of preview covering a group of chosen fixings
  • possibility to filter out search results according to fixing solution type, its technical parameters or substrate type

You should also know that access to the EasyFix application is completely free of charge, as we have decided to extend our comprehensive product portfolio with complementary services rendered to professionals.

Download EasyFix and use all of its functions and features. On the website, you will find detailed information concerning all the available program versions along with their scope of application and contact details of Technical Advisors ready to support you in using the application.

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or download EasyFix Standard.

EasyFix Pro is a developed version of the program which is well-known and recommended within the construction industry and which is intended for calculations when using Rawlplug’s fixings. It is possible to prepare advanced designs of fixing systems for each project using this application.

The application is available free of charge. Just register as a user using the following form to download and install it:

Just enter the e-mail address used during registration to download and install EaxyFix PRO.

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