Vocational Training

Being a professional partner who provides clients with integrated education and knowledge sharing services, we extend our Rawlplug Academy related activities by participating in development programmes recognised and acknowledged in the UK, whose purpose is to expand specialised qualifications and improve field-specific competencies.

This is why our experts have become personally engaged in developing training courses and workshops under the Continuing Professional Development scheme and BS:8539.

CPD seminars

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a countrywide educational scheme featuring professionals representing individual industries, invited for mentoring and practical knowledge sharing purposes to actively influence vocational development of persons willing to build and consolidate their professional experience.

Specialists representing the Rawlplug Ltd. team take part in various initiatives, tutoring industry-specific seminars, co-moderating major conferences and events relevant to the sector as well as organising practical workshops aimed at improving participants’ competencies in terms of professional choice and applications of fixing and fastening solutions. In this milieu, we collaborate with such parties as the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE).

We are currently focused on conducting compact CPD seminars covering a broad scope of subjects that everyone finds useful in everyday practice, yet we are still working on improvement of our training activities so that they comprehensively supplement our consultancy.

Each person taking part in the CPD seminars run by experts from Rawlplug Ltd. acquires qualifications documented with a certificate that proves to be a significant add-on to a professional portfolio.

Rawlplug Ltd. is a certified member of the Construction Fixings Association (CFA) which integrates and represents major companies of the fixings and fasteners sector. The CFA membership is indeed a prestigious achievement, but to the same extent it is an obligation. That is why, at least several times a year, we organise and conduct seminars and workshops in line with British Standard BS:8539. This means that as we deliver training we always rely on the best available practices, bearing in mind all steps that one takes while dealing with fixings, starting from design to end up with operation.

Furthermore, participants are invited to our training centre in Glasgow where they can attend practical workshops and experience the application of our products under real-life conditions.

Participation in BS:8539 courses is certified, which enables the participant to formally confirm the qualifications and competencies thus acquired.

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