Original Training Courses


The Rawlplug Academy original training scheme comprises series of specialised courses available to our on-line clients.

How are the Rawlplug Academy courses developed?

The Rawlplug Academy training courses are designed in collaboration with our customers, based on our shared experience and by focusing on the features they actually seek in everyday operations. Training materials are prepared by qualified specialists experienced in coaching for the construction industry. A script for each training course is created with the customer’s point of view in mind, consequently reflecting the processes and activities they actually perform. The Rawlplug Academytraining courses are inspired by the know-how and skills required to become a genuine expert in the given field.

Why should one use the Rawlplug Academy training scheme?

Rawlplug Academy is where you can make use of highly specialised training courses covering products and services. There are many reasons why this scheme is a unique opportunity, and below are just some of them:

  • Training courses are available on-line and accessible from any device of your choice, whether a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. This enables you to take part in a training session whenever it suits you best.
  • The courses address practical applications of our products and services, and they focus on the aspects that you will find truly valuable in everyday work.
  • They are interactive, providing you with an opportunity to actually experience the given subject. How is that possible? You can control selected external conditions in a way that enables you to analyse their mutual dependences and correlations with product parameters.
  • The range of available training formats is very ample. The know-how is transferred by means of interesting and diversified tools: e-learning modules, presentations, animated videos, films, audiobooks or documents Our plans for the future include webinars as well.
  • Every training course concludes with a test intended to verify the advancement of your knowledge and indicate the spheres still worth your attention.
  • The library also contains abridged 20-minute versions of major training courses which summarise the most relevant pieces of information on the chosen subject in a highly condensed format.

When and how can you use the training courses?

Rawlplug Academy is currently still under construction, but it will be available in 2018. However, you can already subscribe to the project. Just fill in the form now to secure a seat in one of the front rows in the Rawlplug Academy development scheme.

Meanwhile, you will be able to attend traditional training courses, seminars and workshops conducted by our team’s Consultants and Engineers.

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Joining the Rawlplug Academy scheme will provide you with specific competencies. Firstly, you will acquire extensive knowledge of products, their properties, applications or appropriate selection, but also an abundance of information that matters to every specialist operating in the field. Secondly, they provide practical education on real-life functional advantages of our products and objectively support your competencies in the scope of technical or commercial consultancy. Thirdly, you will gain know-how and skills required to strengthen and consolidate your position as an expert – and not only in the narrow field of your own specialisation. All that combined will directly influence the comfort and quality of the work you perform and the professional ranks to which you advance. You are faster and more efficient at work. You can share your know-how. You gain competencies of consultancy. You make decisions based on appropriate arguments. You improve your results. You are successful.

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