GOK, GOK-N + WW-T Roofing fixing system

Pre-assembled telescopic fastening system for wood substrate.

Features and benefits

  • Impact-resistant material used ensures constant mechanical properties over the lifetime of a roof. Also, retains its properties over a wide temperature range. 

  • The lenticular shape of the plate ensures a firm pressure on the membrane and no possibility of dragging and deforming the plate during assembly
  • Round plate eliminates the need of positioning the fixing during the installation, the bottom part of the connection sleeve is designed to carry very heavy loads during operation of the roof.
  • Internal sleeve design allows pre-assembly with any Rawlplug roofing screw, shortening installation.

  • Hardened screw's thread surface. High quality anti-corrosion coating guarantees resistance of 15 Kesternich cycles.
  • The shape and type of screw's thread is designed specifically for connecting to wood.
  • The drill point is designed to provide a fast and hassle-free installation. Sharp point of the drill prevents movement of the surface of the fixture.
  • The reduced diameter makes it easier to pierce the membrane and install in dense materials such as PIR / PUR and mineral wool
  • Pre-assembled sleeve with a screw shortens the assembly time, additionally it has a security in the form of a locking O-ring, which prevents the screw from slipping out.

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    Base material

    • Timber


    • Plywood


    • Chipboard


    Installation guide

    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    Installation guide
    1. Lightly insert plastic sleeve into insulation material
    2. Using drilling machine, drive the WW screw into substrate until fixing depth is reached


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